Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tale of Two Chairs

So I may have  omitted some pictures of Madison Hall yesterday, because I thought they deserved their own post for today.

Please fawn over these Chinoiserie chairs.

Rich wood tone. Cane. Twisted legs. Killer upholstery. Slight bamboo touches. I was in heaven when we spotted these.

The best part? My mother-in-law is actually considering them for her study! We circled around these chairs a million times while we were at the shop. She is contemplating doing a redo of her study at home, and these chairs inspired her (and me).

Beautiful chairs make me so happy.


  1. They are beautiful. You will have to share pictures if your MIL does end up re-doing her study.

  2. Wow really pretty and you could use those chairs in so many different settings.

  3. Fawn, fawn, fawn. Very lovely!


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