Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chelsea Botanicals

Page 25 of Joe Nye's Flair gave me pause. Granted, the whole book made me stop and contemplate the beauty of life via tabletop decor, but page 25 especially caught my eye because I recognized the china pattern of choice.

Sorry for the teensy picture, but check out the gorgeous salad plate. I picked up a set of the same salad plates last year at Lucketts, which now hang in my dining room:

It didn't occur to me to flip the plates over to find out the manufacturer, but Flair informed me that they are Mottahedeh, and I looked up the pattern which is called Chelsea Botanicals.

I realized my set of $20 salad plates was quite the bargain and I would now like the set of soup bowls, as the pattern is a perfect complement to my wedding china (Derby Panel Green by Royal Crown Derby):

and these, which I got for my birthday (thanks Alison!):

The bowls are now on my wish list...


  1. Love the plates - what a fun discovery! I'm dying to get to Luckett's, sounds like my kind of place!

  2. We love Mottahedeh there are so many pattern's that we would have so much fun setting beautiful tables.

  3. Love your plates! And I love that you have a striped dining room. Our living room is striped, also in green, and I've been dying to change it for several years. But my family loves it the way it is.


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