Thursday, January 20, 2011

Julia Collection

I was putting together a little designBoard last night and came across a great new collection of Chinoiserie-influenced pieces. has a new line called Julia:

I wouldn't advise buying the matching set, but one or two of these affordable pieces would make a great impact in a space.

You know that chair is just screaming for some great fabric, and maybe a coat of paint.

Click here to view the collection...


  1. I am searching for a new coffee table and I love that one!

  2. That tray table really isn't half bad!

  3. hi daniela. i just discovered your blog tonight and promptly saved it to my bookmarks. funny i sit, HD catalog beside me. i was just starting to write about this faux bamboo stuff on my blog ( i am always a little bit late), but you've covered it so well, i think i'll just state my obsession, show some real vintage pieces that I've photographed, and then link to your blog! Home Decorators has definitely turned over a new leaf.Looking forward to reading more, Jane


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