Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miles Redd Bed

My tour of "this-is-what-caught-my-eye-in-those-magazines-this-weekend" continues...

This pagoda bed in a Chinoiserie bedroom by Miles Redd is sensational. Truly sensational.

Photo by William Waldron via

What strikes me most about this room is the arrangement of this majestic bed against a small-ish wall. I think most would aim to put this bed against a large expanse of wall due to its proportions.  But I think this placement adds to its richness and scale. That's a trick I like to use in our house - putting large pieces in smaller adds to the drama.

I also love this room because it's by Miles Redd. Do you have a designer who you feel has the midas touch? Just about everything they do is fantastic in your book? I have a short list, and MR is certainly on it.


  1. Love it. And Miles Redd is definitely a designer who can do no wrong in my eyes. Two others would be Phoebe Howard and Mary McDonald.

  2. I love the bed and the wallpaper ! But wait... Is that a head attached to that fur throw or am I seeing things ? :)

  3. Dreamy!! Love the use of green!

  4. I love how this looks! Definitely bold and dramatic!

  5. I like the sofa at the foot of the bed -- very handy with all the extra pillows!


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