Wednesday, January 19, 2011


To piggy back on my post from yesterday, I have a bit of a plum/chartreuse obsession. I can't get enough of the combination of green and lavender. It all started with John Loecke's dining room (mostly green, touches of lilac) and spiraled from there into my own dining room which now sports the color palette.

Recently, I was happily surprised to see SO many fabric choices in this color combo du jour on one of my favorite fabric sites - But one in particular has run away with my heart:

Malaga in Lilac by Pindler. She is very similar to my beloved Sassari Ikat, but the flecks of chartreuse are perfection. I've never loved the fabric that currently graces my dining seats and this beautiful textile is now a contender.


  1. It is a great combination !

  2. That inside fabric is great! thanks for telling us about it.


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