Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ye Olde Williamsburg

While we're on the topic of catalogs, have you flipped through the Williamsburg Marketplace catalog recently?

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and there was MANY a trip to Colonial Williamsburg to check out this historic city all decked out in its colonial finery, costumes included. Not gonna lie, I loved it and still do. I also went to the University of Virginia, the land of Jefferson and Monticello, so I have a soft spot for colonial decor.

Granted, I wouldn't call my style anywhere near colonial, but I do love individual pieces with that feel. And on a theoretical side note, isn't that true of any style/aesthetic? My mother-in-law once joked with me that she wished she was as open to decor as I was - "D, you like everything," she said - and it's true. So I guess I'm game for whatever because mixing things is what creates your style.

Ok, back to Williamsburg. So as I'm flipping through the catalog on its way to the trash, I was quite taken with the sweetest little item:

Porcelain Magnolia

Don't you love this magnolia? Imagine it sitting pretty on a stack of books, or on a vanity tray, or a beautiful display etagere. The possibilities are endless for this little token of the South. Magnolias are my absolute favorite (I especially like to decorate with them at Christmas) and she's only $12, which is a fair price for a little porcelain trinket.

Well, like any good shopper intrigued by an item, I hit the interweb to check out Williamsburg Marketplace online, and I was not disappointed. If your home is traditional colonial, then you probably know this source and shop from it constantly. But, even if that is not your style, there are so many great pieces that you can mix in with your own decor (and many Chinoiserie items!)

No compensation from WM...I'm just sayin'...

Covered Scenic Jars

Pagoda Chest

Brig Georgiana Model

Imari Footbath

Blue and White Canteen Vase

Green Accented Finger Vases

Windsor Fretwork Shelf

 Amber Crackle Glaze Lamp

 Shell and Eagles Mirror

Wythe House Mirror

Get your own slice of Williamsburg here.


  1. My family is from Williamsburg and we make the pilgrimage every year-honestly, I could give the tours myself! Love the blue canteen and tulip vase-good find!

  2. OOOH...I haven't been to Williamsburg since my 8th grade class trip to DC, but I clearly need to be stalking their gift shops! I love just about all of these, especially that lamp.

    (And I'm so with you on the loving everything -- I find that I like just about any style so long as it's done well.)

  3. Great find! I personally end up trolling the Montpelier site for finds (similar to me) and can score some pretty great stuff!

    I found you by googling Chinoiserie Lantern which is exactly what I need for my new breakfast room redo. Commented on that post and believe I'll be following in your footsteps by purchasing one! Fun to have found your blog!!


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