Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 DCDH: Sarah Wessel Design

Next up in my DC Design House preview tour is the sunroom, which will be decorated by Sarah Wessel Design.

I adore sunrooms, don't you? All that light and all those windows - wish we had one! The sunroom in the design house is a beautiful, albeit challengingly shaped, space:


I have a soft spot for any room with a checkerboard floor, because that is one of my all-time favorite details - our kitchen has a similar floor. And this room has a traditional blue painted ceiling which I was happy to hear Sarah was going to keep, but paint it a much more sophisticated shade of pale aqua.

Sarah was an absolute pleasure to meet. Here is her concept for the space:

(Click on the image for a larger view)
Don't you love this board? I was all over the fabric (on the board's background) that she will use on the loveseat's pillows - everything in the room compliments it so well. Sarah's chosen pieces are very classic and neutral, but I think with the paint (a lovely chartreuse on the walls and a pale aqua on the ceiling) and the pillows, she will keep the space modern and lively. Like I mentioned yesterday, many of the board's I saw have a very soothing/neutral color palette, so this space will be a nice pop of color for the house - perfect for a sunroom.

Here are some interiors from Sarah's portfolio:

All images via sarahwesseldesigns.com






Sarah has an eye for beautiful, traditional interiors with great uses of color. I'm looking forward to seeing her put that touch on the DH's sunroom. 


  1. I love standing in an empty house dreaming of the possibilities...you lucky gal!!! From what I can see on all the boards, it's going to be so wonderful! Checkerboard floor and an aqua ceiling=love.

  2. This event seemed like a lot of fun! I really like the colors Sarah picked out for her room; I look forward to seeing if finished!

  3. I love the bones of that room -- I'm sure Sarah's plan will only make it more fabulous.


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