Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Crush

Errrm, so I know I typically save my crushes until Friday, but I'm going on a little vacay and thus will be blissfully computer-less for the I moved up the post as I've been itchin' to post this picture. Do you know this to-die-for room designed by Kelley Proxmire? It has made the rounds in the blogosphere - as it should, it's so gorgeous.

Proxmire is a DC-area designer with a flair for good uses of Chinoiserie. The bed in this particular room makes me nutty (what is it with beds lately? I've been so focused on them) The canopy treatment is amazing (love the mirror) and I have a feeling that it could make for a good DIY an inverted pelmet box...hmmm...

Proxmire will be one of the designers featured at this year's DC Design House - I did not meet her at the Bare Bones tour, but I caught a glimpse of her concept board and I'm sure the room will be gorgeous - can't wait to see it.

As I said, I'll be out and about this weekend so sadly, I will not be back posting until Tuesday...parting is such sweet sorrow. Have a fabulous weekend...see you Tuesday!


  1. No post until Tuesday? I guess my employer will get two full of days of work out of me. I'll miss my morning eye-candy. Have a great trip.

  2. I love a fire place in the bedroom. I just got one for my own master-

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend where ever you go! :)

  3. Thank you, Thank you we are so excited about her!

  4. i see why you couldnt wait on your crush for this one.. sooo gorgeous!

  5. oh crushing too! great photo...happy weekend sweetness

  6. I love all the gilt against that gorgeous chocolate. Yummy.

    Hope you had a great getaway, Daniela!


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