Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 DCDH: SCW Interiors

I had a great time at the DC Design House Bare Bones Tour. The chosen house is HUGE and beautiful, albeit old and in need of some TLC. I didn't take too many pictures of the actual house (which I should have!) but I got a couple of shots showing some of the beautiful details of the Chevy Chase home:

The moldings throughout the main floor were fantastic - LOVE the greek key motif found throughout.

The painted ceiling in this small sitting room right off the entrance was beautiful. It's not often you walk into a room with a rich painted ceiling in an Egyptian motif. I'm wondering if the designer (Nestor Santa-Cruz) will keep it? I couldn't tell from the design board and Mr. S-C was not there.

The Bare Bones tour gives the public an opportunity to walk through the empty house and meet some of the designers and see what their concepts will be for each room. Not all designers were there, but most rooms had a concept board on display so we were able to gauge the overal look of each room.

I think my favorite part was meeting the designers - it was great to hear them talk about their rooms or just chat with them for a little while. I also met Jennifer Sergent of the blog DC by Design, which was great! It was fun talking blog shop with her.

As I walked through the enormous house, I definitely had some favorite concepts, so I thought this week I'd show you the boards that I liked the most.

As we (p.s. Did I tell you Carter came with me? Good man...) walked into the house, the first room we saw was the entrance hall which will be designed by SCW Interiors. The Alexandria-based firm is led by Shazalynn Cavin Winfrey, who I met standing by her lovely board.

As you can see, the room will be done in beautiful grey-toned neutrals with stunning light fixtures and wallpapers. This board set the tone for the rest of the house, as many designers were going toward more subtle color palettes and incorporating classical elements that worked well with the style of the home.

(Click on the board to see a larger image)

It was great talking with Shazalynn and hearing her vision for the space. Check out some more GORGEOUS work by her firm:

All images via

Shazalynn's board is a study in soothing tones, but as you can see from her portfolio the woman knows color! After I saw her DCDH concept, I wasn't expecting such bright hues in her portfolio. She also had many neutral spaces in her work, but of course I picked the ones with the most color to show here. Lovely work...and much of it done where I live in Alexandria.

Can't wait to walk into the house in April and see what SCW has done with the space.


  1. Daniela - it was great to run into you and Carter at the Barebones Tour - what a small world! I read through most of your blog this weekend and love it! You've done beautiful things with your home and you have such an eye for interesting spaces. I'll be checking back often!

    - Alicia

  2. WOW, love all the color in Shazalynn's portfolio!

  3. Looks like such a fun house tour- I always love going on those! The wallpaper in the last photo is my favorite- I love everything about that entryway!

  4. Alicia, it was great reconnecting with you as well! Small world...thanks for the kind words on my blog and good luck with starting yours!

  5. I know,'s stunning!

  6. I want a close-up of that wallpaper, LEB. It looks amazing and works great in that small space.

  7. Sorry I had to miss it but thanks for sharing. I am now looking forward to seeing all of the boards and hearing about the various designers. This one looks great. I especially love the Niermann Weeks Chandelier she's using. Wonder if it will be the foyer or hallway.

  8. Wow! SCW's portfolio is fantastic...gonna have to bookmark them for sure.

  9. All the rooms have such unusual color choices probably something I wouldn't of thought of which of course why I am thinking why didn't I think of that? Really nice!

  10. Daniella,

    I almost used that wallpaper in my house...could probably did up the source if you want?


  11. I love how you took the time to show other examples of each designer's work -- that house has so many rooms, it made my head spin! Thank you so much for introducing yourself -- and your blog! -- I'm a new fan.

  12. Acorn, do tell! I'm sure many would love to know the name of that paper!

  13. Thanks for stopping by DCbyD - I've been really enjoying your blog so I was happy to meet you!


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