Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OKL Alert: Madelyn Jordon

Don't Chinese hand-stitched silk embroideries sound wonderful? One Kings Lane is currently having a sale of said embroderies from Madelyn Jordon Fine Art.

This collection is pure eye candy. Oh my, I would LOVE a collection of any three of these to hang on a wall...but, the price is a bit prohibitive (most around $600), although I'm sure they are worth every penny. They are handmade and take over 1,000 hours just to make one!

Feast your eyes...

The collection also boasts the most beautiful robe/dress prints, but they are sold out. Sorry - my OKL posts are typically the day after OKL puts the loot up for sale, so I know they aren't up-to-the-minute...but these lovelies were worth showing just because they are so gorgeous - aren't the colors inspiring?? They would be the most beautiful focal point of a room...

p.s.  I would love to wear that little yellow number...


  1. I have an upcoming post in my Chinoiserie Walls Series on using these type costumes as Chinoiserie wall art.

  2. They are gorgeous specimens of Chinoiserie wall art! Can't wait to see your post.

  3. Ok it is official - I have got to get to get over to OKL. Why have I not signed up yet?! Great finds. Marija

  4. They're gorgeous, and totally worth the price. Just a bit out of my budget right now, alas (even with the OKL discount).

  5. Totally gorgeous and a def. feature! i agree with you on the yellow dress thingy too....KG


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