Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chinoiserie at The Barn

Every once in a while, something catches my eye in the Pottery Barn catalog...and it's usually a print. I was just flipping through a PB catalog last night and spotted a handsome, rich, stunning Chinoiserie pattern that had me totally gaga...

Hello Brighton pattern...I love your tuffet:

Says PB, "In the archives of a legendary print house, we found this 1920s design that was inspired by 18th-century Chinese hand-painted wallpaper." I most certainly see the Chinese wallpaper influence and I adore the rich, deep colors...especially the black accents.

This fabric makes the perfect accent - it's the kind of print that I love to use in a small dose (like a pillow, or a bedskirt, or this lovely tuffet) and then use its colors to inspire other companion fabrics that I use in larger doses.

Pick your dose:

You know where to find it...type "Brighton" in the search bar to see the many options.


  1. i just discovered your blog...love all the colors you use through out the posts!

  2. Brighton... It's not just for fabulous purses anymore hahaha. But seriously, I love that pattern!!! I love when PB uses color!

  3. Funny We were leafing through PB at lunch today and were so surprised by the amount of florals.

  4. good catch--I like the ottoman

  5. This fabric is also GP&J Baker from their Gatsby collection. Thought it looked eerily familiar when I saw this post... I just happen to have a memo sample of it and was considering having pillows made :) I think I'll just be ordering those from PB instead!


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