Thursday, June 28, 2018

Powder Blue Kitchen

Remember this post? I was debating the off-white kitchen vs. the colored kitchen? Drumroll please....(bonus points if you do it Griswold style)....

We're going with powder blue!

^ Tobi Fairley ^

Signed, sealed, but not yet delivered. Cabinets are ordered and we went with Sherwin Williams' Sleepy Blue for the paint color:

It's a lovely light, powdery, celestial blue with just enough gray to not feel too baby-colored but the blue still dominates.

I'll share more details with the full plans but I'm taking the kitchen in a warmer direction than some of these pix - not accentuating the gray and silvery tones...looking for the warmer tones to juxtapose with the cool blue.

Hand claps for Carter Shuffler who lobbied for the color. I was really going to play it safe with the off-white which would have been lovely, but I think we're going to enjoy that we pushed it a little in this space.

More details to come!


p.s. Over my baby-having blogging hiatus, my blog was getting hammered with spam in the comments. So I made it kind of hard to comment. But I love comments so it made me sad. Hoping to make it easy again soon.

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