Thursday, June 21, 2018

Master Thoughts

Photo by Rima Brindamour for Matchbook Magazine

We have so many fish to fry right now, that I sadly know our own master bedroom will not get any attention (or budget) for a while. But I'm actually quite content with this snail's pace because I'm really thinking through what I want.

And what I want has many similarities to this - the Manhattan bedroom of CeCe Thompson. A fabric canopy situation is on my wishlist...except there is a window behind our bed so it would be more of a curtain/bed canopy combo. But framing the bed as a focal point sounds great.

And although my dream sequence includes built-ins around the bed to create an alcove, I will settle for nice bedside tables, namely that secretary number on the right. Unfortunately we don't have dedicated office space so having somewhere to prop a laptop on occasion would be helpful.

That dainty table on the left is lovely but storage is at a premium, so I'm also hunting for a bachelor's chest to be opposite the secretary. I've always loved the look of complimentary but not matching bedside tables.

We'll see where it goes!

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