Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Foyer Wallpaper

Well, that was a cool two months with no blog posts. I have come to learn that in my new life of 3 kids and a new house, I can't make promises. Because I no longer keep them. But I do know that my brain is full of blog posts so I just need to push to put them down here for you and me to enjoy.

Like what's going on with our foyer. Our foyer that still doesn't exist, but we do have a concrete plan for building it with our contractor.

If you remember, I already had some plans for our foyer before we moved in - see this post. But alas, the vintage wallpaper was not nearly enough to cover what I needed, so I began a new wallpaper search.

Sidenote: I think I have ordered every wallpaper sample available in the United States.

But I am happy to report that after months of samples, pondering, self-doubt, and excitement, I finally landed on Manuel Canovas' Bengale in the Grenat colorway, which is a boisterous explosion of crimson and purple. We are not being shy in this new house.

Our foyer will be a small space so I wanted to go big with the walls. And you know I've had a long love affair with shades of lavender and purple. I've also picked a couple of places where I plan to accent the first floor with touches of red, so it felt right that the house should warmly greet us with this color palette.

We have been deep in plans for six months and we are finally on the precipice of starting work on the house. Hopefully this propels me to share on a more frequent basis now that some real decisions have been made.



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