Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Black, White, and Blue

Just like our last house, we have decided to paint the brick exterior of our new house. Last time, we put this project off for many years and then instantly regretted waiting so long once we saw the finished product.

So this time, painting the exterior is one of the first things we'll be doing to update the house. If you remember our last house, we opted for green on green with a bright red door. And we loved it.

This time, I'm craving a classic white house with black windows (actually what I wanted last time but our roof color wasn't going to work). Note I said black windows because that is currently what we have and it was one of the selling points for me. We are going to remove the shutters completely and try that out for a bit.

And although I am Team Red Door at all times...I'm actually leaning toward powder blue this time. This shade of blue is going to have a big moment inside the house and I want to give the exterior a little tease of what awaits.

And I'm really digging the creamy white, punctuating black, and soft blue combo:

We'll be evaluating the gamut of off-white whites shortly...but I'm turning to the Internet because I know this problem has been solved. I've always been a Sherwin-Williams Alabaster lady but am going to compare to Ben Moore's White Dove due to its cult following. I've already nailed the blue which I'll share in a later post.

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