Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kitchen Thoughts

Turns out, we are ripping out the current kitchen and putting in a new one. "Ripping out" sounds so harsh, doesn't it? The current kitchen is a sweet, albeit outdated, space that I know was lovingly cared for by the home's original owner. But it's not working for renovation it is.

Of course, I'm thrilled about this. And I'm also stressed about getting it right. The constant tug-of-war of decorating emotion.

We are smack dab in the middle of designing the new kitchen. And although none of these photos are exactly what we are thinking of doing, they all communicate the vibe in different ways:

I want a kitchen that is simple, warm, and classic.

Definitely painted, but not white. Our old kitchen was crisp and bright with a jolt of color. Now I'm looking for neutral tones and simple lines that almost fade into each other (ie inset cabinets, shaker-style doors, low contrast materials).

The big question is color - green or off-white? Pic #3 is close to what I'm thinking should we choose to go green. A situation where all surfaces have the same color so the overall look still reads pretty neutral. But I sure do like the idea of off-white cabinets, perhaps paired with a statement floor tile.

So that is my inner monologue at the moment.

I also had quite the ah-ha moment while revisiting my Pinterest boards to identify my favorite kitchen pictures...there is nary a statement backsplash. Or a backsplash at all. Granted, some of my inspo pix are butler's pantries, but still. I get it. I don't want a fancy background. Though the function of cleaning these slivers of wall is still a thing to think through.

We've pretty much outlined the layout - a wall is coming down! And now is the cabinetry. After that, we'll hit the counters, hardware, floor, and lighting. So. Many. Decisions.


  1. Anonymous3/30/2018

    I have a pied-a-terre in San Francisco. We ended up having to redo the kitchen because there was a flood in ours caused by the upstairs unit.
    I had to make decisions quickly, file insurance claims, etc. and decided not to make any back splash decisions until things calmed down.

    I just painted the space, no little 3" piece of counter top quartz either. I am so pleased. Granted it's not my full-time home, but
    the cleaning is minimal. Just be sure you have something for the back of the stove/cook top because of the grease, and by the sink as well.

    You can always change your mind later, down the road. Trends come and go. But don't be afraid of painting that space, displaying some art, or decorative plates, etc. Once you get your other decisions defined, your vision will fall into place.

    Good luck and have fun with this!

  2. Such elegant choices! My personal favorite is the first image. The creamy cabinetry will work beautifully with so many natural materials and fabrics, and give you flexibility with seasonal accessories. I also think it will look inviting on sunny or rainy days, during the daytime or nighttime. I would be concerned about enveloping an entire room in green - it can be an unflattering color, particularly in the wrong natural light. I also worry that it's a limiting color to combine with other decor elements or seasonal accessories/linens. Just my two cents! You have beautiful taste, I'm sure whatever you choose will be gorgeous and elegant.


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