Thursday, April 2, 2015

Warm Ruggy Nursery

I fear this is one of those images that already made the internet rounds and y'all are rolling your eyes, like get with it, Daniela. Old news. But I'm willing to take that risk, I like it so much.

Designed by Amber Interiors, it oozes California cool. And like this room, I can't take my eyes off the rug.

Photo by Tessa Neustadt via Domaine Home

I LOVE the style, although admittedly, it's not my own. But elements of it I would snag for myself like the rug juxtaposed with white walls and the warm wood furnishings. I also love the basket as a hamper (we use a similar one for Ana Claire).

Were you wondering where my post was about Mac's nursery design board? Because there wasn't one. Because the little nugget doesn't have a nursery. Right now, he's rooming with me and C with the eventual hope that he can move in with Ana Claire (after we de-girly the room just a little bit).

Our house is such that if we give Mac his own nursery, Carter and I will need to move into one of the rooms downstairs and we don't like that idea. We much prefer to cozy up the kids in one room upstairs with us in the other. Not sure Ana Claire will be down with the sharing idea...cross that bridge when we come to it.

So poor Mac is a nomad. But I do like to dream about what his eventual room will look like - be it a nursery or a big boy room. And this pic is going in the inspiration folder.

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  1. Anonymous4/02/2015

    Our third child rolled from room to room in a bassinet in her early days. Sharing works until
    about age 5-6. Then you can move downstairs!! Love the oriental rug, but little ones throwing
    up tylenol etc. would not want a good rug by the crib!


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