Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Joy

Our Easter was joyous. The day was beautiful allowing a pause for spiritual reflection and quality time with family. And we had baskets, bonnets and so much candy.

My table was a bit last minute so it wasn't as layered as usual, but I did get some close-ups to show you the bright combination I settled on - Scalamandre's China Rose with Caspari's Garden Follies:

 The kids donned their first set of matching smocked outfits and let me tell you, my heart was full:

Ana Claire's Easter bonnet (from here) was just about the most precious thing I've ever laid eyes on. My phone blew up with all the pictures I took yesterday. Indulge me for a moment:

Holidays around here are ramping up in their excitement as Ana Claire gets older. She is just a joy to watch getting excited over special celebrations (and stuffing whole chocolates into her mouth like her father). And having Mac on hand to celebrate his first holiday doubled the fun. These kids...what a gift.


  1. I like how you set the table for Easter. Is the napkin cloth or paper? I would like to know where you bought it from as I have an idea for a decoupage project. Thank you!

  2. Grace, the napkins are paper - the "Garden Follies" line by Caspari:

  3. Daniela those kids of yours are so darn cute!! Love that you are using my friend Harrison Howard's pagoda napkins!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Those little faces trump any Caspari or Scalamandre product!

  5. Beautiful all around. I love the tablescape and the matching smocked outfits. That bonnet is fabulous as well.


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