Thursday, April 16, 2015

Check Fabric on Sale

Few things bring as much joy to my heart as a piece of furniture upholstered in checks. Gingham, buffalo, bright, neutral - whatever the flavor, the geometric statement virtually always looks amazing. It was my personal choice for Ana Claire's nursery chair (pink buffalo check with red trim) and I have never looked back.

That's all to tell you that I saw a good check printed fabric online for a great price - budget-friendly enough to bring it into the 12-yard realm needed to upholster that old sofa. But first, some inspiration:

And now the on-sale fabric - Premier Prints Anderson in a variety of colors - all for under $10/yd - on

That Aloe color (#2) is amazing. I want it. I'm actively fighting the impulse to buy and hoard as I don't need it now but I'm SURE I'd have the perfect way to use it in the future. Right?


  1. Ooh, so pretty. I can see a tablecloth or runner in the Aloe. So pretty.

  2. What a perfect price for the classic checks, yes of course we will need them in the future, best to stock up!!

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