Thursday, April 23, 2015

Affordable Linen Chair

I have wanted to replace the mismatched chairs in our living room since we moved in to this house - so at least 5 years. But buying two arm chairs will cost a pretty penny and this house has needed so many other things that we never find room for the large purchase.

Not to mention that the chairs I love are always unfriendly to a modest budget. Occasionally, I spot a retail chair that has a look I like with a price I can afford, like this adorable linen (blend) chair from World Market:

I don't think you often find chairs at retail that have a detailed silhouette like this. Arched back, tufts, rolled arms, turned're getting some style here. And the fabric is totally neutral and workable. And for $300 (which you could probably whittle down with a coupon) I think getting a pair wouldn't break the bank and you also wouldn't feel wedded to them FOREVER. Don't get me wrong - I'm usually more on the side of spend high and keep forever but sometimes that's just not in the cards...amiright?

For our budget, I find that going vintage and reupholstering will likely be the way to achieve the look I want but I do have this sweet little chair in my back pocket now. Assuming we pull the trigger on new chairs this century...not holding my breath.

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  1. This is a very good looking chair Daniela, it would fit perfectly in so many spaces!!

    The Arts by Karena


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