Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mirrored Walls

How do we feel about mirrored walls?

I recently saw this one and it caught my eye...I think I love how rich the furniture looks contrasted against the cool, glassy wall. Makes everything sparkly and warm:

Home of Adrienne Vittadini, photo by Melanie Acevedo for Veranda

Do you think a mirrored wall works, but only in certain a bright, colorful beachy condo where the mirrored wall reflects back the gorgeous ocean?

Someone remind me of this designer, photo by Annie Schlechter for Coastal Living

Or are they simply for bathrooms where mirror is right at home with tile and other hard surfaces?

Ralph Lauren, photog name?, for Architectural Digest (let's all note the garden stool in the shower)

OR, can they be right at home in "regular" spaces like a cozy living room, entry or our original bedroom photo?
 Design by Lindsey Harper; Image by Quentin Bacon


If done well, I think a mirrored wall can work anywhere but it takes a great eye to make it look intentional and not tacky. I think all of these spaces pull it off.

So, what's your take?


  1. I have always loved mirrored walls! They do so much to reflect and give an illusion of a much larger space!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. So timely. I'm about to have parts of my kitchen walls mirrored to reflect my garden. I think it should be like cooking outside. At night it will be a sparkly with all of my stainless cookware on display. Since I'm 64 and have no plans to move, I don't care about resale. I did read a post recently where a woman painted over her mirrored walls she hated them so much. I know this is a highly divisive issue.

  3. Anonymous7/18/2014

    Meg Braff I think is the designer of the Coastal Living room.


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