Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Henry & Co. + Quadrille

I have obviously been living under a rock because I am only now seeing this AMAZING room design by Henry & Co. for the Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse 2014 featuring one of my all-time favorite Quadrille fabrics - Macao II.

This is some serious Woah:

Has this been all over important blogs/mags and I'm late reporting? Because sometimes I fall off the media train and I know the blogging world is rapid-fire with this kind of genius but for the sake of posterity this space needed to make its way to AO. Damn, it's good.

A study in bold color...it's mesmerizing. I can't stop staring. Those walls are something fierce and I just love how all of the elements are coming together.

Here are some softer shots from Henry & Co's Instagram feed:

Gah! Give me all of it! What kind of home would this be in? Vacation house? Upscale Manhattan apartment?  Charleston townhouse? I'm not sure...where would you envision it?

Extreme beauty exists in this world, y'all.

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