Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blue Chinoiserie Fabrics at Ballard

Ballard Designs has the loveliest collection of painterly blue fabrics at the moment. Anchored by a classic Chinoiserie toile, I think all three would work beautifully together in the same space.

Meet Lucy, Milly, and Darby:

Lucy, the Chinoiserie toile, is pretty amazing, right? I really hope they start carrying it in more colorways though Ballard typically carries one hue of a manufacturer's pattern. But it's pretty stellar with its pagodas, palms and watery shades of topaz blue.

And Milly, the loose animal print, is very Quadrille feeling. Imagine club chairs in a beach house paired with a white slipcovered sofa piped in topaz blue with Lucy pillows. Sign me up!

Don't forget Darby if you like a more boho, John Robshaw-like experience with your textiles.

All are winners in my book...especially at $25/yard!

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