Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chinoiserie Panels

As a lover of Chinoiserie, I am no stranger to the concept of Chinoiserie panels as wallhangings. The idea of taking a gorgeous swatch of a Chinoiserie wallpaper or textile and framing it up as art...brilliant and effective.

And though I often see them and think how nice they look I found these particular panels from Lovejoy Designs (seen on House of Turquoise) to be particularly arresting:

Photos by Michael J. Lee

I LOVE the scale of the first panel and how its subtle colors of gray, green and yellow are paired against the white in the cabinetry and then picked up in the dining chairs. Incredibly stunning.

And in the second one, I can say that I haven't come across a panel quite like this one with its black and white etching-like appearance. Most panels are of the bird and branch variety so I love the uniqueness of this one and, again, the scale. 

Really lovely takes on a classic technique!

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  1. Love the second panel and how the gold frame and side table enrich the tableau.

    The Arts by Karena


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