Monday, June 4, 2012

Virginia Traditional

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia I stepped inside many a traditionally-designed home and remember always loving the aesthetic. Orderly, pretty and formal.

I found a perfect example of how beautiful traditional design can be with designer Heidi Brooks' portfolio. Heidi is based in Charlottesville, Virginia (ie. Heaven) and her designs are Virginia Traditional at its best. Not sure if all of these homes are actually in Virginia (likely not), but they carry off this design style perfectly.

I think I'm most drawn to the traditional wood furniture...there is something to be said for a beautiful piece in its original (or restored) condition. Check out Heidi's portfolio here...


  1. Heidi was one of the designers for the Charlottesville Design House last year. I adore her aesthetic--it's SO Virginian! I like how she uses mostly neutral color palettes to keep the traditional designs clean and current.

  2. Love these pictures! We're doing a feature on the Hamptons and we've been talking about light upholstery and bedding with dark wood a lot this week as a result. These are obviously different from the Hamptons style, but I love them nonetheless!

  3. I used to own a gift boutique in Charlottesville and Heidi was a customer. Her style is so lovely and so is she! Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures -- they take me right back to my home state, which I adore!


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