Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chinoiserie Memory Game and More!

I have found THE most wonderful Etsy shop!! If you have a Chinoiserie lover in your life, you can thank me now for providing you an endless number of fabulous gift-giving ideas.

My love affair began when I stumbled across this Chinoiserie Memory Game...did you know such a thing even existed? And look how fantastically beautiful this set is!!

This card game is whimsical, beautiful and would make the most perfect keepsake. But the fun doesn't stop there. Etsy shop Nancy Nikko Design is FULL of amazing products with her hand-drawn illustrations.

Look at these bookplates:

And these business cards:

And I have only pulled out some of her Chinoiserie items...she has many more drawings and styles in her Etsy shop. You really must check it out - click here to visit.


  1. I am SO IN LOVE!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Oh I'm delighted to have discovered you and your wonderful eye! My day JUST got brighter.


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