Thursday, June 7, 2012

DC Craigslist: Bamboo Pieces

I'm stalking Craigslist as of late looking for a large dresser/console situation for our basement renovation. No luck quite yet, but I have stumbled across many chic faux bamboo/regency pieces that I would love to snap up if I had any use for them.

If you're local to DC, maybe one of these items would look great in your own home:

Wouldn't this set look absolutely precious in a breakfast nook tucked inside a bay window? I'm obsessed! 

I think this is the perfect dining set for that first apartment when you need something small but chic. I even like the blue zebra on the seats.

 I think these chairs could benefit from larger, more dramatic cushions, but I could see them decked out in some lovely Quadrille fabric in a sunroom or a more formal fabric in a living room.

It's rare to see a complete set of chairs like this. They are not inexpensive, but would make quite a statement around a dining table.


  1. Do you have the CL app for your phone? I love it.

  2. OMG!!!!! Some awesome buys for some lucky person or persons!!! Adore that last set of chairs!!!

  3. The Chippendale chairs are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous6/08/2012

    Great finds!!

  5. whoa sweet! wish i needed some of this - they are great finds!!

  6. Anonymous6/08/2012

    Daniela, the 1st little cafe set was on Etsy at 95.00 for a long time and finally sold at 75.00. I check Etsy under bamboo often because I'm looking for matching pieces. I almost bought it because of the great price, but don't have room at present. Wish I was in the DC area for the other sets.

  7. I did see all of the above on CL. I have the worst luck scoring deals in DMV area. Glad to see another fabulous blogger in my area :)


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