Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Chinoiserie Bedroom

You need a Chinoiserie bedroom, don't you? Let me help.

Get this bed -

Make curtains out of this fabric -

And make a boxspring cover (or bedskirt) and a nice pillow out of this fabric:

Top it off with ivory sheets and a lilac blanket. Then sit back, relax and enjoy your new bedroom's Chinoiserieness.

p.s. So the bed is currently unavailable. And it's crazy expensive. Details. A hearty thanks to Matters of Style for flagging down this bed for all of us.



  1. I love those fabrics - Ive Bern looking for suggestions for curtains in my living room, and these would fit the bill nicely!

  2. Daniella how perfect I love the bed, the fabrics, a wow!

    Art by Karena

  3. Anonymous3/14/2011

    Great post! I'm a new follower, so don't know if you do this kind of thing often, but I like it.

  4. Ack -- I LOVE both those fabrics. They'd be gorgeous in my living room....

  5. So jealous that MoS Charlotte got this bed! She's a lucky duck!! XO

  6. A beautiful combination! That would make a lovely retreat...

  7. What is so funny is that I am currently building my room around VERY similar fabrics and my bed has a chinoiserie feel, although rattan. I'll be using Braemore's Rossano Perri because I am planning to use my wing backs that are upholstered in Waverly crosshatch/gray and the Perri colorway includes blues with gray. Thanks for the little push to move forward. Don't know why I've been hesitating!


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