Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outdoor Chinoiserie

Carter had a brilliant idea the other day. Instead of refinishing our very old, rickety deck, we're going to tear it down and put in a stone patio. The man is a genius as I had not thought of that but for our house, it's a great solution (being lower to the ground will give us a nice dose of privacy).

So my thoughts have clearly turned to decorating this outdoor space, assuming it happens this summer (fingers crossed). It helps that everywhere I look recently, retailers are showing off their outdoor wares. And one set of furniture in particular has caught my eye.

Check out these Chinoiserie pieces for the great outdoors:

I was SO excited to see these pieces - the "Caicos" collection from Home Decorators. I think I definitely need that dining set. I had given up hope that my patio would have stylish furniture, as I've been disappointed with the options. I'll definitely mix these pieces with other items to keep it from looking too "tiki," but it's a great start. And I'll get to bring my love of Chinoiserie outside with me.



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