Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blanc de Chine Menagerie

One of my favorite elements of Chinoiserie style is the use of Blanc de Chine, or essentially white porcelain or ceramic figures of all shapes, sizes and creeds. It's relatively easy to find beautiful white porcelain at various price points, allowing you to create a grouping that can be set against a dynamic background (color or wallpaper, for example) to create an instant focal point.

And I looove Blanc de Chine animals...a little menagerie of white porcelain to brighten your day. I saw a whole slew online and I'm debating which one to add to my collection:

 The origami safari...I think these are my favorite

Do you use Blanc de Chine in your own home? Even if you call it white porcelain? I think most of us at least own a touch...


  1. I am obsessed! I have "white" groupings all over my house! LOVELOVELOVE it!

  2. Love these!! I have a horse that I LOVE.

  3. I don't own any, but if I were to start collecting, I would definitely want the sulphure crested cockatoos, 'cause I'm from Australia :)

  4. I love blanc de chine animals, especially monkeys! He looks a lot like a a chinoiserie wall sconce I saw at the Greenbrier a few weeks ago http://haymarketdesigns.blogspot.com/2011/03/favorites-from-greenbrier.html

  5. The Rhino is my favorite! Such a fun little addition to a room


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