Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Vase Wallpaper by David Hicks via Jennifer Dengel

Yesterday's post showcased one of our favorite, stunning Chinoiserie wallpapers - "The Vase" by David Hicks for Clarence House.

Check out how designer Jennifer Dengel worked her magic with the same paper in a show house:

Images via jenniferdengel.com

(My favorite image - wow!)

Your eyes bugged out a bit, didn't they? I was thrilled to hear from Jennifer and see how she used this wonderful wallpaper. The yellow colorway is so beautiful against the earthy tones of this room - and the blue is brilliant juxtaposed with the white of the bathroom.  For some reason, I think folks tend to shy away from pairing yellow with gold (perhaps for fear of clashing), but Jennifer's vignette with the black console and turquoise lamps is a shining example of how the tones work beautifully together.

See more of these images on Jennifer's portfolio.



  1. Anonymous3/29/2011

    I agree with you that yellow and gold look great together! Kelly Wearstler's yellow and white room with gold/brass coffee table in Modern Glamour is one of my favorite rooms.

  2. I love this wallpaper. It's one of my favorites. Brunswig and Fils makes something similar that I have in my bedroom and I love it!

  3. How about that hand towel! Love it.

  4. simply stunning. loves it!

  5. Adore the paper....absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Beautiful!! Love it equally in both colors.

  7. Anonymous3/31/2011

    Absolutely gorgeous!


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