Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OKL Space

I just caught the new landing page image One Kings Lane has up - I love how they change the image with that cute dog in a cool space for each season. And this room, well, I love it. So autumnal, rich and my eye was all over the place.

Reasons why I like this space:

1) The checkerboard floor in what I assume is the foyer. I don't think I will ever dislike this floor treatment - it's so classic and whimsical. I think in this case its marble, which is definitely my favorite material for the pattern.

2) The flower arrangement - I'm sure it's styled just so for the picture, but the colors in that arrangement excite me.

3) The fabric on the upholstered armchairs.

4) Hello orange geometric blanket. I need you in my house. Notice how the small touches of orange really set off the room.

5) The gold garden stool and the birdies on the entrance table.

6) Wood paneling. Done right, I looooove wood paneling. It's so warm and makes a room feel casual and elegant at the same time.

I also love basically everything else in this room. I'll be further examining this picture as I gear up for autumn chez AO.

p.s. Thank you all SOOOO much for the kind words and emails yesterday on the blog anniversary - they meant a lot and I was so happy to hear from everyone :)


  1. Anonymous9/29/2010

    Loving the touches of orange as well. I've been playing and may pair it up with seaglass and see what happens. Enjoy your day!


  2. I love it all - the dark wood combined with the wonderful fabrics and punches of color - but the dog...a star!!

  3. I just found your blog last night and spent hours going through it. Love it! And you do need that blanket. It matches your blog. :)


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