Wednesday, September 1, 2010


One of my favorite Etsy shops, High Street Market, is having a buy one get one half off sale that starts today at noon (and only lasts 24 hours). I would be a bad friend if I didn't tell you about it.

Kelly (who also writes a great blog) has a keen eye for vintage loot, and I always love perusing her shop (which is known to have a good foo dog and Chinoiserie item now and again). I was planning to take a looksy at what is in the shop now and give you my picks, but I think she has closed the shop until the sale starts....but she did share a sneak peek on her blog, and the items look great:

The lobster (to perch atop some books), the yellow lamp (to sit on one side of your couch) and the turquoise pitcher (to use as a vase) are my favorites. This shop never disappoints, so if you are in the Market (no pun intended) for some vintage touches for your home, go get your bogo on.

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  1. Anonymous9/15/2010

    Just heard of your blog today and I've spent the last TWO hours taking it ALL in! And it was SO worth it! Can't wait to tackle our basement's half bath after ignoring it for five years! Thanks for the inspiration!


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