Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

I love mirrors. As you know, I'm equal opportunity and throw around the L word a lot when it comes to home decoration...but really, I LOVE mirrors. Every room of my house has a mirror (or two). And I'm constantly looking at mirrors, like other women look for shoes.

Horchow has some of the best mirrors I've seen that are sold retail. They are for the most part out of my budget unfortunately, but I like to look at them and then keep my eyes open for similar shapes at my favorite discount shops, or better yet, vintage finds (which many of the upscale mirrors are based on these days). H is especially good when it comes to the Chinoiserie mirror silhouette.

Feast your eyes on my favorite pieces...

The last mirror has to be one of my top five favorite mirrors of all time. I adore it. Would look incredibly glamorous situated on a wall above a bar. Or in a crazy good powder room.

No, Horchow hasn't paid me. They just have good loot that I like, though pricey loot. I do get lucky and find $$ catalog items at places like HomeGoods sometimes...and the hunt for the perfect piece at the right price is part of the fun!


  1. Obsessed with the iron bamboo mirror. I totally agree about the knot mirror too. I was just thinking about it in a powder room.

  2. I've been clued in to the fact that Horchow has a clearance center in Dallas that has incredible deals. I am pretty excited! The first two are favorites of mine.

  3. Anonymous9/15/2010

    stunning mirrors, love them all

  4. Anonymous9/15/2010

    The bamboo curl mirror is from Uttermost and is very inexpensive (if you can buy wholesale from them.)

  5. I too am obsessed with mirrors.The ones you have shown are lovely.
    I hadn't seen the Bamboo curl one before - nice. Then I scrolled down and gasped! That knot mirror is divine!

    Sandy K

  6. Just got my Aunt in the US to buy the knot mirror. Hopefully it survives the trip to Australia from the US.

    Horchow had 25-30% off yesterday and it looks like they have extended it til 23rd September.

    Should look great in my Mum and Dad's bedroom.

    Sandy K


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