Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Chair for You

I'm a tad bit obsessed with chairs. Seems like I am always finding one (or a set) that I want to bring home, but alas, casa AO is definitely packed to the gills with chairs. A week or two ago I posted an awesome chair I found on Etsy, and I just found another terrific option from the same seller.

Ummm...right. This chair is fantastic. I LOVE the cane back, the legs, the overall lines/style and it even has greek key detailing. This is a perfect accent chair to sit by itself under a window, or perhaps beside a chest or table in a living room. Since it is not fully upholstered, recovering the seat would be a great DIY job for those up for the challenge. Although I'm actually a fan of the pink velveteen, assuming it's in good shape (the pink would be perfect in a dressing room).

It's not inexpensive at $350 (plus shipping), but much like the other chair, I find it special enough for a splurge if your budget permits. Click here for the Etsy link...someone bought the other chair last time, so pick this one up if you like it (and then tell me what you do with it!).

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