Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Crush

Photo by Patrick Cline via lonnymag.com

Design by: Callie Jenschke

Why I like it:  Pure and simple, those black and white glasses. They stopped me in my tracks. But, I'll admit that the whole arrangement is inspiring - I love looking at bar arrangements. Are you like me and find a whole lot of inspiration in a close-up photo like this of a room's detail, just as much as a whole room? I love studying photos like this one - all the small details are just wonderful.


  1. I did not even notice the glasses, my eyes zeroed straight in on the beautiful bowls.

  2. Yes, this image caused me to pause too. Everything about it is perfect.


  3. Daniela...Im very much the same..I love scoping every inch of an image that I find myself gravitating towards..love the small details aswell as the big. New to your blog and find it very inspirational xo

  4. isn't it always the small details that make or break a room? this is stunning. Thanks for sharing!


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