Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beach Shopping

I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of being at the beach in South Carolina is thrift store shopping (sprinkled with some upscale home shopping). The past couple of years, I have found some terrific items, although most of them stay at the store. Even so, it's very fun to look!

In case you are interested, these shops are located in the Murrells Inlet/Litchfield/Pawleys Island area of South Carolina - all off of Hwy 17. 

Here are some treats I came across last week. First up were some thrift shops, and I came across this zebra lamp:

His red eye was kind of creepy, but of course he screamed "Scalamandre wallpaper!" like this room:

Design by Massucco, Warner, Miller

This wheat-themed fire screen would actually be perfect for our living room, but I thought it might be a bit matchy-matchy with our wheat sconces. Even so, I loved it.

One shop had a whole Chinoiserie section with vases, furniture and paintings. Here were my favorites - I desperately wanted that pagoda painting!

Another thrift shop had this awesome armoire below. 'Twas a bit 80s, but I LOVED the hardware and overall shape. Could look very cool painted or left as is. Definitely thought about this one too but a) nowhere to put it and b) couldn't haul it back to Virginia amidst our beach stuff. Someone will get lucky with this one...

I also found a pair of twin bamboo headboards for $150 for both, which was a total steal. Carter and I actually conversed about them, but buying them would be ridiculous because I literally have no use for twin headboards and I don't think we want to store them for umpteen years until we have a child's bedroom....but oh, did I want them. I thought I had taken a picture of them (actually, I know I did), but I can't find it on my phone camera.

Moving on....I also love hitting up some upscale shops while I'm there. Three in particular - Waccamaw Interiors, Eleanor Pitts, and Sea Wife. I didn't take any pix in Sea Wife this year, but if you love non-kitschy nautical decor, this shop is for you! Check out their Facebook page.

These below were my favorites at Waccamaw Interiors - lots of Chinoiserie!

Excuse the glare in my photography, but the above flamingo print (which had me swooning) reminds me of the one we just saw in Bunny Williams' island home in the latest issue of Lonny.

Image by Patrick Cline via

Here are some shots from Eleanor Pitts, a GORGEOUS jewelry and home decor shop filled with beautiful china patterns, Herend figurines, linens, serving pieces...a girl's dream come true. Here were some of the shots I took (I was trying to be discreet in this very nice shop, so I didn't snap many pix).

Don't you love these painted Chinoiserie steps below? They have always been a favorite of mine:

This set of bone boxes and this bamboo dining set were on my list of wants:

As you can see, many things caught my eye this beach trip (as is always the case). Thanks for taking a virtual shopping trip with me!


  1. We hit these store all the time when we head up to Pawley's! Love the wheat fire screen!

  2. Everything's gorgeous, but that zebra lamp has my name all over it. I can't say no to zebra, never.Did you buy it?

  3. Sadly, these items stayed in South Carolina. I did pick up a darling china bowl, as well as a decorative plate, which I of course forgot to photograph!

  4. Anonymous8/04/2010

    Great finds, Scotland is hopeless for things like this.

  5. I LOVE That chest!! and the flamingo pic!! to die for! Great finds :-)

  6. Ahh I would have scooped up that flamingo print in a heartbeat! LOVE it!

  7. the stairs are cool. It's made me determined to do something interesting with ours.


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