Thursday, August 12, 2010


Do you know Hanna Brooks Nation? Of GADABOUT?

If you don't, I'm thrilled you are meeting her here. And buckle your seat belt, because I have LOTS of eye candy to follow.

Hanna illustrates. And from these unique, hand-drawn illustrations, she creates wonderful stationary...many with Chinoiserie and interior decor themes.

I'm not sure when I first came across this 24-year-old-southerner, but I do recall my mouth hanging open when I saw her website. As a web designer, I get tingly all over when I come across a beautifully designed site, much like a beautifully designed room, and Hanna's site definitely got me. I mean, it's orange. Girl after my own heart.

Behold Hanna's craftwork (these are all notecards):

Note the subtle monograms on some. And these are just a small sampling of Hanna's collection.

I had the pleasure of emailing back and forth a bit with Hanna, and she explained that, like many creative types, she is inspired by just about anything at any moment of the day - a magazine, a word, a fabric. She loves to travel and spends her time with her eyes, ears and senses open, ready for that next tidbit she'll turn into an illustration.

At 24, Hanna is already down the path of entrepreneurship, running her creative company, website, and even launching a very cool iPhone app called "POST" that lets you send messages, invitations and emails to your friends using her designs as a backdrop. Click here to check it out.

Are you loving Hanna's designs as much as I do? Get some of her stationary for yourself here.


  1. I remember running across her designs somewhere (I want to say Style Court, maybe?), and LOVE them! Thanks for reminding me of them because I'm about out of stationery right now, and these would be perfect!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely, modern stationery. Pagoda is my favorite (of course!). Thanks for the intro, Daniela!

  3. Wow I love this stationary! I am always looking for unique monogrammed notecards to add to my collection. I am definitely going to check out Gadabout and pick up some of the notecards with chinoisiere chairs and monogrammed pillows. They are too cute!

  4. She really does it all! Thanks for the introduction!

  5. how talented! Thanks for sharing! definitely supported her by buying the iphone app. I think I'll enjoy it!

  6. Love these prints and she is adorable to boot!


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