Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chair Love

Wondering what to do with that $450 burning a hole in your pocket? Might I suggest purchasing this rad Hollywood Regency chair currently listed on Etsy?

I love it. Not in my budget, but if you are looking for a special piece, this is it. And oh the possibilities of this chair reupholstered! It would be the most terrific bedroom chair...sitting in a corner...with a pharmacy lamp...and a beautiful little side table to hold your reading material.

Get it here.


  1. Anonymous8/26/2010

    sold today. you should get a kickback!

  2. I love it! I will be very happy if this blog led someone to pick up that great chair :)

  3. Anonymous8/27/2010

    I'm the same poster who posted previously above ... I would have bought it if he/she hadn't beaten me to it! I love your blog.


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