Monday, January 11, 2010

Tyler's Dressing Room

My friend Tyler is a lucky lady. She has a dressing room. Oh how I wish I had a dressing room...a place just for me, my clothes/shoes/handbags and my morning hair and makeup rituals. 

Tyler has such a magical place - and she asked me if I would help her design it. Ummm....YES. Yes, yes and more yes.

So we kicked off Tyler's Dressing Room redo this weekend. T (as I lovingly call her - we went to college together - she was one of my bridesmaids - just a little background) lives in a great 3-bedroom condo with her Sig-O Timmy. One of the two guest bedrooms was just small enough that T was able to convince Timmy that she should "get" the room to function as a closet while allowing him to have the master bedroom's closet all to himself...go T!

It was actually a wise deal, as once you see the pictures, you'll see that T really does need the space. She has an extensive clothing collection, but is also an avid soccer player and overall athlete, so her athletic clothes also need their own storage space. And T is like me - we get ready at a vanity, as opposed to in the bathroom, so this room not only functions as a closet, but also as a space for hair and makeup prep.

Welcome to T's closet:



Great space, right? I wish I could devote this much room to all of my stuff. And although Tyler loves having this space, she is ready to make it pretty. Since moving in, she has installed the shelving and clothing racks and has figured out different storage solutions, but she wants to now bring it all together and make it beautiful.

So after chatting and taking some pics, I am off to put together some design boards and do some brainstorming. T has given me some good creative direction - she's a glam girl so loves mirrored furniture, black/white damasks and statement chandeliers. She also likes a palette of either lavender, pink or aqua. We're going for feminine glam.

My thoughts are turning to Hollywood Regency...Tyler isn't afraid to take some risks here and there. And I think this small space can use some drama.

Do you have pictures of some of your favorite Hollywood Regency interiors? If so, do share...they would greatly help in my inspiration research!

I will of course be chronicling our progress as the project stay tuned!


  1. One thing to remember when having a dressing room or closet with windows is to put a protective film on the glass. You will be horrified by how much the sun will fade the clothes. I found this out the hard way, one sleeve on a black suit was gray. MB

  2. Very good point MB! T does have one window that is currently covered by clothes - so we might need to do a little something to that window...thanks for the tip!

  3. What a lucky girl!!! I dream of having a girly dressing room! I can't wait to see how this turns out!

  4. Anonymous1/11/2010

    I am SO jealous. One day when I own a house you know who I am calling! can't wait to see Tyler's new dressing room! -Julianne

  5. Do I dare convert the guest room into a dressing room?!? This inspires me to go ahead!

  6. Juls - you know I'm your girl. And I know a great little house right around the corner from me that you could buy ;)

  7. I too would love to have a dressing room and I'm excited to see what you'll come up with. I think HR is a great direction to go in -- I'd load it up with lots of glam (mirrored furniture, lucite, bright color) since this is exclusively "hers" rather than "theirs".

  8. Agreed Averill - your items are on my checklist. It's fun to be doing a purely feminine space with no restraints!

  9. Make sure to check out the Container Store-I am a big fan of Elfa.


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