Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Design of Lindsey Harper

Friends, I am low on commentary today. My week has been positively batty with work.

So, in exchange for words, I am saturating you with images from my new favorite designer - Lindsey Coral Harper (I trust the design of any woman whose middle name is Coral). I am positively smitten with her aesthetic - and she's Southern (working in NYC but originally from Georgia).

I hope you love her rooms as much as I do. Enjoy!

Designer Lindsey C. Harper

All images via
All design by Lindsey Harper


  1. she's fab. I love her.

  2. Anonymous1/20/2010

    Absolutely stunning work. What talent!


  3. Dear Daniela,
    What can I say? First I LOVE your blog and now I'm hooked! Second thank you for having so many nice things to say about my work-you definitely made my day! Scratch that, my week!!
    I cannot take credit for my middle name it was my great-grandmothers first name, but makes me love the color even more.

    *and I just saw the post from the 19th-thanks again, Lindsey

  4. LINDS! Welcome, welcome. Can you tell I like your work? And by the other comments, you can see that many of us are enjoying your stuff.

    Your great-grandmother must have been one neat lady :)

    Keep up the fabulous work and I'm sure we'll all be watching out for your designs.

  5. LOVE. And she does the "cluttered" look (I mean that in a good way) perfectly, like Miles Redd. It's an art form.

  6. I know MoS - she is great at it (as is Redd)...I call it "Collected Eclectic" truly is an art form to get a space to look interesting with so many things in it, but not overwhelming or messy.

  7. YES! Love her. The purple bedroom with chautreuse headboard is my favorite.

  8. I loooove her headboards...don't headboards make such a difference?

  9. Absolutely lovely-great use of color.


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