Thursday, January 28, 2010

Links Love

I am most certainly a fabric junkie. I am constantly on the lookout for new prints that catch my eye. And I like A LOT of doesn't take much to get me excited. But occasionally, I'll come across a print that is just perfection (and those are typically the ones that I will purchase).

Such a print crossed my path this week - I was checking out this post over at High-Heeled Foot in the Door and immediately fell in the love with the swatch of indigo fabric HHFD recommended for the curtains.

Her link sent me to House Fabric, a source I have used in the past, where I discovered that my new fabric crush is a print called Links by the wonderful Annie Selke.

Behold her many colorways:






I love all of the colors and the wavy lines that produce the geometric pattern. Geometrics are usually so tight and crisp...and this one is a bit more relaxed, giving it a bohemian feel. Love, love, love.

I am the new proud owner of one yard in the taupe colorway. I'm considering it for a framing project for the living in I might frame it for display, perhaps as the backdrop to a print. Wouldn't any of these be great on a chair or an ottoman? Or the perfect pillows for a white couch? My mind is racing thinking of all the ways I could use each color...

To purchase your own, go to and type in "Links" in the search box at the top. The fabric is $20/yard, which is not bad. I also saw the fabric over at (again, search for "Links") and they had it in an additional Slate colorway.


  1. I have just used this in pink - love it!KG

  2. So happy you liked it! Plus thanks on the heads up for all the other color ways. I had no clue!

  3. Love it! I'm a big fan of Annie Selke's fabrics but hadn't seen this pattern before. The navy would be perfect in my living room.

  4. KG - You used this somewhere? Send pics!!

  5. I just ordered two yards of the choclate links for pillows in my library. Thanks for the tip!!


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