Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Latest Inspiration

Design by Lindsey Harper; Image by Quentin Bacon

This is the latest image that has me nutty. I came across it the other day on the Matters of Style blog...I believe the topic was velvet. And this stunner of a couch was the perfect example of velvet upholstery.

To say that I love everything in this room is perfectly appropriate. This LH is a genius...I am LOVING her designs...I'll need to share more pictures with you.

Let me count the ways that I enjoy this room:

1) To kick off with MoS' topic, I adore velvet. I've always used it in my living room - in the new house, my drapes are aqua velvet (isn't that an aftershave?) And here, I love LH's pick of navy velvet...I find it preppy and country club, but not at all serious.

2) Can we talk about the lacquer coffee table? I love anything lacquered...Carter might look quite handsome with a lacquer finish. And the crimson hue of this table is sheer perfection - not too loud...but kind of sultry. Perfect companion to the navy velvet.

3) Ummm, I've never seen a mirrored wall look so chic in my life. Usually when you walk into an apartment with a mirrored wall you want to run in the other direction. But it does wonders for this room - makes it twice as nice with the reflection and the light it provides.

4) Anyone who uses a heavy dose of stripes has my vote...and the red/white combo is divine.

5) And I would be very happy with a set of those Chinoiserie bookshelves...they are so delicate and beautiful - and look dynamite against the mirror. And the turquoise foo dogs are the perfect accent.

There is one element of this room that is totally catching my eye for Tyler's dressing room...hmmm...

I am currently attempting to finish off the decor of our living room - and this is the perfect inspiration picture. I love the use of color and the mixing and matching...the room has such a fun, relaxed, yet traditional and sophisticated vibe...exactly what I'm looking for. The perfect inspiration to tape to my virtual bulletin board (otherwise known as my laptop).


  1. I love navy velvet! I wanted to use it for my sofa, but with a white dog who sheds, I figured it just didn't make any sense from a practical standpoint for me. That said though, maybe I can handle lint rolling a few pillows or maybe even an accent chair?!

  2. I know, Averill...this pictures makes navy velvet VERY enticing - even with a white dog! I have some wonderful velvet pillows that I love from Ballard - you can get them monogrammed for like $20-$30...great deal.

  3. Thank you for the mention...that room stopped me dead in my tracks too!

  4. Thank YOU for posting MoS...it has set off a blitz in my brain studying the details - I love it!

  5. So cool, I was thinking the same thing about the mirrored wall -- like, wow, this actually looks good! When it's right it's right :)


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