Tuesday, January 26, 2010


HomeGoods is SO good right now. I spent copious amounts of time at both of my HG locations this weekend. I was long overdue for a visit as I had not been since about mid-December. Not going to HomeGoods for over a month is quite normal for most people - for me, it's like holding my breath.

So as I roamed the hallowed aisles, I spotted so much good loot. Only a couple of items came home with me, but I documented the loot to show you all the goodies in case you are near a HG and something strikes your fancy:

They had two of these ENORMOUS blue ginger jar lamps - hard to see the size here, but they were quite big...and gorgeous. If only I had a big spot for them.

I was the most impressed with their pillow selection - I'm usually not a huge fan of HG pillows, but they had a ton this time. And in fabrics that I recognized (and that I actually own). These orange ones definitely caught my eye (the graphic ones...not the iridescent rose-covered ones).

And so did all of these pillows...



Another lamp that was right up my alley:

I've been pining over this lamp below for a while...I'm surprised that it's still available and on clearance! But I don't have anywhere to put it...so sad.


I adore these boxes - they had them in so many different colorways...I'm still pondering how to use them because at least one needs to make its way to the AO House!

And I like this painting...not sure why as there is nothing particularly special about it...but I just liked it. It was prettier in person...


I left all of these goodies at the store, but I did pick up a couple of fun pieces...and Tyler and I picked up some great items for her dressing room...all in all, a very productive HG weekend.


  1. Which is your favorite HomeGoods in this area? I have just been to the Potomac Mills one and wonder if I should be checking out others.

  2. The best one for me is the Kingstowne location. That's where I took all of these pictures. The one on Rt.7/Bailey's Crossroads is OK, but not my favorite. I've heard from Matters of Style that the Rockville location is also outstanding...

  3. Good Morning AO,
    I really enjoyed shopping with you...think you should get the lamp! Stop by for some Anthro love! Great minds think alike on a Tuesday!

  4. Oh...love your picks Acorn! They are lovely...I DO want that lamp...it would actually match what I am envisioning for our main level bath, but I don't think it will fit!

  5. I love all of those lamps, especially the green one. So gorgeous.

    I need to make another trek to HG this weekend....

  6. Green with envy that we don't have a HG in australia! i would have snapped up that green lamp though.......great finds!KG

  7. Averill, I bet a Texan HG is the stuff of dreams...

  8. KG - no Aussie HG?? That is indeed a shame :(

  9. Use the boxes to store magazines.

  10. I would totally use those boxes for my sewing stuff!

    And I can't believe you didn't snatch up the irridescent rose pillows:)

  11. I love the Orange Pillows!! I am using "pops" of orange in our den and I have been looking for some great orange pillows forever (was going to sew some...uggggh) now I don't have to! HG here I come...


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