Thursday, January 28, 2016

Southwestern Runner Under $100

I have been waiting for a project to come along where I can use this runner (that also comes in a rug version). I've seen it floating around various places on the internet but I just spotted the runner on Overstock for $87.

So time to share it:


And the brown one.

The pattern is crazy good. And it's WOOL! I love wool. I've gone with the fakey rugs before to get a good price and they are not my jam. Wool can be a little scratchy but at least it feels substantial.

And back to the pattern. It's so lovely. Every single colorway is calling my name - I could definitely do full spaces based on these rugs. And these are just four colors of six.

You need to get in on this and then tell me how you are using it.

In other news, we have dug out of the snow. But now my week feels all out of whack. I'm hoping February is real calm-like.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I saw this on the internet, of course, and have it in my basket but haven't taken the final step yet. I'm just concerned that it will be darker than it appears online ... I want it to be the same color (of course) ... I'm getting the purple one. It sounds like you have actually seen these.

    Is it darker? Is the design muddled and blurry, or is it fairly sharp.

    The price has gone up, unfortunately. So it comes to $102 now, with no return of the item should it not be as posted.

    What do you think? Patricia :-)


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