Thursday, January 7, 2016

Schumacher Classics

Schumacher's Instagram feed has been teasing us with their new "Schumacher Classics" collection - a round-up of some of their most iconic prints redone in some amazing, fresh colorways.

Like my beloved Lotus Garden - the fabric I used in our master bedroom - is now this bananas jade green and orchid situation:

Isn't it magnificent? This will forever be one of my most favorite prints so I love to see that it's been given new life via color.

Here are some other previews, all just as gorgeous:

I am so excited to see these new fabrics start popping up with designers - I'll be keeping an eye out. The fabrics will be available in showrooms starting January 9th.

See the Instagram bits here...

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  1. Gorgeous colorways!! Adore these fabrics!!

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