Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mirrors: Urban Outfitters Edition

Urban Outfitters is bringing a strong mirror game at the moment. Behold three great options with delightful price tags.

1) Taj Wall Mirror - $64

Who doesn't need a Moroccan mirror? That is a serious question. And this is a serious option. I actually haven't seen something exactly like this at a luxe price tag. A powder room would love this mirror as would a little girl's bedroom. For that price, I want to buy it and squirrel it away.

2) Edith Mirror Shelf - $79

Every budget bathroom renovation in America needs this mirror. It is so ridiculously chic and functional with that shelf. Might be a tad small but I would make it work.

3) Pipe Standing Mirror - $189

I have found myself looking for or needing a floor mirror on many occasions - they are so useful in a bedroom. And the typical options (search cheval mirror) are incredibly lacking. Your best bet is to find something vintage with some character. Which is hard. But this one is sleek and lovely with a touch of cool.

4) Umbra Oversized Hub Mirror - $160

Love the black border and oversized scale. The scale is what makes it special and it's the perfect way to take up a big chunk of wall.

I haven't bought something recently from UO but I'm always finding cool's a great option for finding that one trendy piece to help your room along. And since they cater to the college crowd, prices are affordable.

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