Wednesday, April 2, 2014


image via Quadrille (designer/photog, anyone?)

I do not gravitate toward yellow. Not because I don't understand its merits, but it's just never a color I want anywhere. Until I designed Ana Claire's nursery and yellow was the ONLY choice for her dresser. It was a no brainer and, thus, the first dose of true yellow was introduced to our house.

Since then, it's poppped up in a couple of projects and I'm finding that I really dig using it with earthy neutrals. Tan, taupe, brown and gold...yellow and gold is an AMAZING combo (I put gold bamboo pulls on AC's yellow dresser and I stared at it for a couple of days it was so good). Try it.

Above image features Quadrille's Sigourney wallpaper in a crazy pretty neutral paired with delectable pops of yellow and it's totally working for me.

Do you use yellow? How do you like it?


  1. I am not a yellow person either(!), but I needed a pillow for a chocolate brown wing chair in a grasscloth room with browns, corals, and creams - my mother said yellow, I disagreed, and then gave in and got a yellow Scalamandre Zebra pillow. It looks great. So much for being anti-yellow. xo Olivia

  2. Anonymous4/02/2014

    I do like to use Yellow in a bold way I painted my front double doors a yellow almost the color of a Golden Yellow that was 20 plus years ago, I no longer live at that house however the current owners "who bought that house from us" still have the double doors left that color, I really nailed that perfect shade of Yellow next to a "bricky red" brick house. I also painted my current kitchen a shade of Yellow I like to call "butterscotch" which enhances my granite counter tops and cherry wood cabinets it gives the room and the breakfast area in a bay window a true "Tuscan" feel I love this color every day and will probably never change the color. The color was called "HILLSIDE" made by Bennette paint company. Thanks for letting me share my opinion of the value of the color YELLOW.

  3. I don't use it often however love to see it in accessories!

    2014 Artists Series

  4. I have never been a yellow fan either but when we painted our 1920s brick house a warm grey and did charcoal shutters we did a bright yellow front door. We accented with yellow fabric on our porch swing and chair cushions and big yellow ceramic pots at the entrance to our front walkway. We also did yellow stripes on the kids playroom ceiling. I love that wallpaper so much. Recently used it on a local client's dining room and it is a show stopper! The addition of the pulls sounds fabulous!

  5. I have always loved yellow! Always and forever. In our house of 25 years, up north, I painted, rag rolled and textured the dining room(which had the most perfect eastern light and a bay window!) in 3 shades of yellow. It was spectacular and almost reason enough not to move!! Here we have a pale yellow and gray combo throughout most of the main living area, as well as Marblehead Gold in the bedroom. So yes, I would say I like yellow!


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