Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catalog Pick: Vintage Vibe Floor Tiles

I always peruse the Flor catalog because I think the concept is a good one - essentially carpet squares - but I typically don't find anything to my taste. Until the new catalog arrived...and I saw the new Vintage Vibe tiles. Hello pretty!

A great take on the classic (or trendy?) Beni Ouarain rugs:

I love to see a real-deal Moroccan rug in a room but these tiles are great for a wall-to-wall look which is hard to achieve with an area rug. And although these tiles aren't bargain bin options ($11.16 sq/ft) they are likely much easier on the wallet than a large area rug with the same look. AND, you can interchange them should your dog/husband/toddler/tipsygirlfried mess one of the squares up.

That first picture with the blue sofa is pretty fetching and my favorite use from the catalog. I am definitely bookmarking this one for myself!


  1. It's a beautiful & charming Living room, very clean lines & easy access to everything. I think it's just DELIGHTFUL & FABULOUS to have such a terrific imagination.. thank you for sharing your home.
    God bless..
    Modern Living Area Designed

  2. I agree with you on loving the concept, but not utilizing. The new collection is great!


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