Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sanctuary Wallpaper

Wallpaper beauty to share today. I love a good bird motif. Duh. But this one takes it to a new level. Although it's exuberant, I wouldn't call it ornate in the traditional sense of bird-clad papers. And its hand-painted quality softens it just enough to make it sweet and inviting.

Sanctuary from Tyler Hall's Marseilles collection:

I could see that pink+gray combo (Pinkberry) working fantastically in a modern space with, say, black leather. And the periwinkle-grounded one (Periwinkle) is just, well, stunning. I'm having a love affair with periwinkle and that paper is just doing everything right.

Unfortunately, the Tyler Hall website doesn't let me link you right to the paper, but follow this link and look for the Marseilles collection.

Are you a bird-motif lover like me?


  1. not sure which one I like best!

  2. Absolutely. And I've also been known to sneak a little birdie motif into the homes of my clients too. I'm happy that they're usually on board! This print is lovely!

  3. I am so not a pink girl, but the Pinkberry colour way is gorgeous.

    Sandy K


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